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Print books or Digital books? Let Science decide!


Technology is meant to make our lives simpler and the last decade has seen a digital boom. Most people can agree that a larger part of their life is spent online in 2020 compared to 2010. Moreover, digitisation has transformed the way the entertainment industry functions as consumers find themselves spoilt for choice. In most instances, the advent of new technology is supplemented by older technology becoming obsolete. However, while the advent of electronic reading resources has certainly been appreciated, print books are far from obsolete. Unlike cassettes and satellite television, print books are important for more than just the [...]

Print books or Digital books? Let Science decide!2021-01-23T14:44:00+05:30

Books, Cafes and Bibliophiles – A Match Made in Heaven


What does a soul fond of books crave for? Simple. A book in the hand and the solace to read. But isn’t it even better when you can enjoy the book with a steaming cup of your favourite tea or coffee? Enter book cafes. They transform the very idea of the cafe experience... because life pauses inside a book cafe. While many avid readers enter book cafes to lose themselves in the pages of the book, there are many who simply enter them just to get a feel of the quiet atmosphere the presence of books creates. Neither Home, Nor [...]

Books, Cafes and Bibliophiles – A Match Made in Heaven2021-01-24T10:09:56+05:30

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