The Healthy Baking Book Series

By Home Bakers, For Home Bakers

The sound of sizzling butter, the crunch of sugary biscuits and the mouth-watering aroma of spices… Who does not love good food? If you drool at the mere mention of food, we have some amazing news to lift your mood!

Introducing scrumptious, healthy, tasty, 100% homemade treasure, that is worth more than a chest of gold! First of its kind Healthy Baking Book Series in India, approved by mommies (and their families) from across the globe!


A Treasure Trove of Healthy, Baked Recipes


An initiative to change for the better!

In this series, you will receive exclusive recipes that are curated keeping your health and your taste in mind. Covering five unique themes – Sweet, Savoury, One Pot Meal, Vegan and Gluten-Free – the Healthy Baking Book Series features recipes contributed by home bakers using readily available ingredients.

And that’s not all. To promote a healthy society, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to two amazing organisations – LECIN, Delhi and Swabhimaan, Bengaluru – who are empowering children and women who have little to no basic life resources.

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A Shared Collaborative Effort

An online community of 1,00,000+ bakers from across the globe with a passion for healthy baking

Simran Oberoi Multani, Founder of OMBC shares that the entire philosophy of the community is rooted in three elements – raising awareness about healthy baking, making a credible repository for quick nutrient-dense recipes for busy adults and creating a collective of talent, that uses skills for social impact work. “We are the only community of this size globally that bakes with a wide range of flours (around 40 alternative ones) and natural sweeteners. The important thing is that it’s a rare thing to have a virtual community that is so warm and generous, and ready to share even business recipes with others who want to learn. I think that’s because all of us on OMBC put compassion over commercials. And collaboration over competition is more valued,” she says.

A content creation and publishing company with a passion for impacting change and innovation through conversation 

Samira Pillai, Founder & CEO of StoneMill believes that the OMBC community is brimming with skilled home bakers, who have chosen this path towards healthy eating. “Harnessing this passion by bringing them together in a book series gives us an opportunity to play a part in promoting a culture of eating home-baked, nutritious, tasty food. Community-sourced and community-driven books are a great way to recognise and acknowledge the talent and impact positive change in society.”

With Expert Contributions From

Jeeva Anna George

A baker, author of ‘A Gluten Free Life: My Celiac Story’ blogger and a speaker who aims to create awareness on gluten-free and healthy eating.

For Jeeva, healthy baking is no different from regular baking. “Healthy baking is a way of life. It is a way to respect your body and tickle your taste buds. We should not be restrained by our dietary constraints, all of us deserve to eat well and enjoy what we eat.”

Dr Nikita Suresh

A freelance nutritionist, diet consultant, social media influencer and Zumba fitness trainer with a passion for healthy food.

Dr Nikita believes “Healthy baking is a meditative process, giving you joy and your ‘me’ time or can be made into a fun activity with friends and family. As you explore baking, modify and try out your healthy variations, it will certainly bring out the creativity in you.”

Meet Our Contributing Home Bakers


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