The Healthy Baking Book Series

By Home Bakers, For Home Bakers 

Eat Healthy, Stay Wealthy: the meaning behind this thought resounds with every one of us on multiple levels today. Most of us are dealing with health and dietary battles – either with oneself or within the family or immediate circle. Some of us, the lucky ones who aren’t struggling, are looking to maintain or enhance already existing fit lifestyles. And food forms the most intrinsic part of this lifestyle. It is the core element which helps maintain a healthy way of life.

Sweets and savoury meals and desserts, fresh from the oven, are known to induce excitement across age groups. The last few months of lockdown and social distancing seem to have woken up the hidden baker within us. Individuals and families have come together to showcase their culinary and baking skills – some original, some improvised, some inspired. Social media has never been as inundated with cakes and quiches and bakes alike.

With this in mind, The Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community (OMBC)an online community of 31,000+ bakers from across the globe with a passion for healthy baking and StoneMill India a content creation company with a passion for impacting change and innovation through conversation are partnering together to create a collection of specially curated recipe books that are based on OMBC’s main philosophy of healthy baking.

The Healthy Baking Book Series

  • 500 recipes across 5 books on 5 unique themes
  • Recipes contributed by home-bakers from across the globe
  • Curated by master chefs and baking experts 
  • Percentage of the proceeds will be donated to two of OMBC’s preferred charities
  • Pre-booking of the books, both individually and as a collection, will be opened before the launch at excellent discounts.

Important Dates

Entry Submissions Opens on: 1st July 2020
Last date for Submission of Entries: 30th September 2020
Final Curation & Confirmation to Entrants: 10th October 2020
Official Book Launch : 5th December 2020, at OMBC Discover (Edition 2)

Keep a watch on this space for further information on Booking your copies at a special discounted price. Delivery of books will begin In December post the launch.

The 5 Themes

The Beneficiaries

LECIN, Delhi: A youth led non-profit organization started in 2015, that strives to make a difference in the lives of children coming from marginalized communities with less or no basic life resources, by facilitating a stimulated and enabled learning environment.

The Freedom Project India, Bengaluru: A social enterprise that empowers woman with little choice to be entrepreneurs, with a current focus on training and employment of women survivors of human trafficking.

Who Can Participate

  • A home baker

  • From anywhere in the world 

  • Must be a member of OMBC Facebook Community

How to participate

The Themes

  1. Sweet: Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Pies, Tarts and other desserts
  2. Savoury: Breads, Snacks, Crackers, Quiches, Rolls and other savouries
  3. One-Pot Baked Meals: Stews, Pasta-Bakes, Curries, Casseroles and other wholesome meals 
  4. Gluten-free Bakes: Baked dishes made without flours or foods containing gluten (no wheat, barley, semolina, rye etc.)
  5. Vegan Bakes: Baked dishes made without animal or animal-derived products such as meat, fish, egg, milk, curd, paneer/cottage cheese, cheese, butter, honey etc.

Submission Guideline

  1. Only recipes using baking techniques will be accepted.
  2. Ingredients:
    1. The recipes shared must make use of healthy baking ingredients. They should not contain:
      • Refined or processed flours (eg. Maida or All purpose flour),
      • Artificial or processed sweeteners,
      • Artificial flavours and colours,
      • Store-bought or ready-to-bake mixes,
      • Additives, etc.
    2. Ingredients like chocolates, biscuits, etc. should be made from scratch.
    3. Ingredients used should be as per those available in India.
    4. Provide a list of substitutes as required (Eg. products to substitute for eggs)
    5. Except for the vegan-theme, use of healthy meats is permitted
    6. Mention the ingredients by their names and not their brand. (Eg. Use condensed milk instead of MilkMaid)
  3. All the recipes must clearly include:
    1. List of ingredients
    2. Detailed baking procedure
    3. Prep Time and the Baking duration
    4. Size of pan/tray/dish to be used
    5. Temperature
    6. Serving Size / Output Quantity
    7. Garnishing suggestions, if any
  4. Baking Measurements:
    1. The ingredients used must be measured in grams.
    2. Measurements in tsp/tbsp will be allowed for ingredients used in small quantity, like vanilla essence or baking powder.
    3. In case of measurements in cups, do mention the equivalent measurement in grams/litres in brackets.
  5. Photo Submission:
    1. Participants are required to submit 4 images for each recipe WITHOUT any watermark on it: Horizontal, Vertical, Close up and Wide Shot
    2. The final dish must be photographed in a well-lit room, with even lighting. The dish should be well presented to highlight the colours and textures of the dish.
    3. Allow enough empty space around the dish for editing purposes.
    4. Name the images in the following format “your name_categoryname_imageno”
      Eg: Riya_sweet_1
    5. Each image uploaded should be a maximum of 2MB. While resizing images, ensure that the shorter side of the photo is a minimum of 2000 pixels for it to be usable. 
  6. Each submission must be accompanied by a story or inspiration behind the recipe. The story can include a fond memory associated with the recipe or the reaction of your friends and family after eating the dish.
  7. Each participant can submit only 2 entries per category. Do select the category under which the recipes are being submitted clearly.
  8. The author of the recipe will be given full credit ie., they will have their name and a small description of their inspiration published along with the recipe. Do note that the recipe sent must be new and not published/posted on blogs, social media, magazines or other recipe books.’
  9. Selected entries will not be eligible for monetary rewards or parts of the sales proceeds.
  10. All recipe submissions will be reviewed by a panel of expert bakers and renowned chefs.
  11. Entries by shortlisted participants will then go through a final screening for any discrepancies in the authenticity of pictures provided. Plagiarism is a serious offence and will lead to the person being removed from OMBC. Entries that do not adhere to the above guidelines or are found to have discrepancies will be disqualified immediately.
  12. No entries will be accepted after the last date of submission.

Curation Parameters

The entries that will finally make it into the book will be based on the following parameters

  1. Ease of understanding: Recipe details and practical application
  2. Health quotient: Ingredients and substitutes used
  3. Innovation Quotient: Unique recipes or deconstruction/re-invention of traditional recipe
Submit Your Entry

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