Profile Management

Create an image that you want your audience to see. Explore how your personal and public persona can help you get in the driver’s seat and define your performance, contributions, and the value you bring with you. Rather than limiting your identity to a piece of paper or your online presence, participate in real, meaningful, authentic, high-value social dialogue. Be your brand through StoneMill. After all, online, professional image management is an ongoing process – a long term investment in relationships with clients, customers and business peers.

Our Services

Personal Brand Document and Profile Building: A ‘Brand Me’ document, a shareable CV/profile to reflect your branding, and optimization of LinkedIn Profiles.

Online Reputation Management: Engage us to comment, connect, and share thoughts with like-minded individuals, potential clients and industry peers and on various social media platforms, relevant websites and communities on your behalf.

Social Media Content Development and Management: Posts, blogs and newsletters attract the right target audience and engage them actively. Our aim is to nurture customer relationships, support outreach activities, connect with Influencers and bloggers and develop active advocates and promoters for your brand.

Website Development & Management: Right from domain name registration and hosting, content development, to web page designing along with annual maintenance, we have you covered.

Advantages of Choosing StoneMill

  • Pull factor service

  • Consistently work on the overall image so that potential for growth improves.

  • Initiate and participate in authentic conversations with people from all walks of life

  • Effectively attract others to regard you favourably and with continued interest.

  • Customized packages for Students, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, C Suite Professionals