The year that has passed has been one for indulging in activities most of us have previously “not had enough time for.” We have seen people truly embrace their passion and focus on it more than ever before. People have used this year to nurture their skills and prioritise those activities which may have simply been a pastime earlier. 

Additionally, as we entered uncertain times in March, we found comfort in community. Information blackholes regarding various aspects of the pandemic were addressed by experts who did their bit to bring a little bit more clarity to our lives.

Things have slowly started going back to the way they were and most of us are getting accustomed to the new normal. However, this does not mean that the activities you did to simply “fill up your time” during lockdown or the community ties you created were in vain. We are living in the age of creating content. All you need is a skill and a story.

And boy, did people share their skills and stories! Many turned to reading books- spending over 10 hours in this noble pursuit, and re-reading (According to Scroll, 25% indulged in re-reading old novels). Fun fact, 60% of readers admitted to reading more than usual during the pandemic. According to The Times Of India, the dystopian genre was popular at the initial stages of the pandemic, but soon made way for self-help books. The readers turned to writers, and social media was filled with people sharing their quotes, poetries, short stories, recipes and survival tips.

Were you one of those who found their inner writer during the lockdown? Or did you strike upon an idea that you feel needs sharing with the masses? Why not collate your expertise into a self-published book and monetise your skill and knowledge.

We bring to you 6 ideas that can get you started on your self-publishing journey.

1. Cooking: While most of us were busy whisking Dalgona coffee at the beginning of lockdown, there were a few home cooks who were experimenting in their kitchens! Were you one of those, busily leafing through old recipes or searching the net for cooking tips? Whether you chose to bake, grill, or roast, how about sharing your recipes with other home cooks as eating in has become the flavour of the season.

2. Fitness: Regular gym-goers had a day of mourning when gyms were shut down. If you are someone who has managed to keep their work out sessions going with as much enthusiasm (it has been 8 long months since the first lockdown!!), you deserve a pat on the back. Share your various workout routines and fitness tips with all those who need that extra nudge.

3. Photography: Those who are good at taking photos do not realise how talented they are until they get somebody to take a picture of them. Everybody has access to a high picture quality camera these days but not many people know how to get the maximum benefit out of it. Compile all your photography knowledge and publish it for a world with too many iPhone cameras and too few people who know how to use it.

4. DIY House Hacks: As people have spent more time at home, some have had to increase their contribution to household chores while others have had to reorganise their space to make it conducive for work. Nonetheless, people are increasingly discovering what DIY enthusiasts have known for a while; running a house is no child’s play. If you are somebody who has always taken a keen interest in maintaining their home, you might have discovered some tips and tricks along the way. There is no better time to come out and share them with people struggling to grapple with the challenges that come with running a home. 

5. Health: In the chaos of 2020, we seem to have forgotten that COVID-19 is first and foremost a medical issue. The year has forced people to take a step back from their hectic lives and focus on taking care of themselves. If you are a doctor, you may have discovered that common sense is not so common when it comes to medical situations. Use your medical expertise to compile a basic guide on maintaining health and immunity so that everybody can feel a little bit safer in these uncertain times. 

6. Teaching: A significant change in the lives of younger people has been the shift to remote learning. With online classes becoming common practice for school and university students, teachers all over the world have had to adapt their lesson plans in the middle of the academic year. If you have expertise in designing and delivering academic material, why not compile a guide for shifting to online teaching for your peers. This can also be useful for parents or anybody wishing to disseminate educational material in the form of webinars or webcasts.

2020 has taught all of us that we are capable of a lot more than we imagined. There are certain activities that become such a congenital part of our lives that we tend to forget the time and effort we spent honing our ability to perform that task effortlessly. Compiling your knowledge is a great way to assess how far you have come and you never know, your tips may be exactly what an aspirant in your field is looking for!