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This is not a traditional guide about parenting. Nor is it a manual on how to raise the best kids. This is a story of one parent and her khatta-meetha but always truthful journey!

Shivangi Maniar is a parent struggling to get things right. She struggles with getting her children out of bed on time. She pulls her hair out when they ask for help with homework. But she’s also cheering the loudest on their Sports Day… Just kidding. She is looking for a place to eat her samosas in peace.

She’s also the mom who they go to for the tightest of hugs when they need her the most. She’s real. She’s honest. And in this collection of her observations and experiences as a parent, who is forever learning—she wants you to show your real side too.

In this book you will…

  • Read along and laugh at the ‘oopsie’ lessons learnt on the way
  • Have that ‘aha’ moment when you understand what your kids really want from you. (Hint—it’s not the latest iPhone)
  • And say a wholehearted ‘yes’ to being a parent, who lives in the moment, and loves unconditionally.
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Size: A5

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-8195223657

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