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Saree Stories from the 21st Century

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Saree Stories From The 21st Century is an exciting community-sourced anthology that celebrates the timeless saree with a contemporary twist!

Perfect for saree enthusiasts, fashionistas, cultural aficionados and anyone intrigued by heritage and modernity, this book contains stories of real people and their saree stories.

In this book, you will get to:
~ peek into the closets and hearts of contributors as they spill the beans on the cultural and emotional adventures sparked by their beloved sarees
~ laugh along with the mishaps and bloopers shared by the featured writers, turning saree-wearing into a playful and relatable experience
~ pick up quirky tips and tricks on how to weave the saree into your 21st-century lifestyle, making it your trusty sidekick for all the daily draping
~ be a part of a community that celebrates the modern evolution of the saree
~ celebrate identity, heritage, and the ever-evolving narrative of a garment that continues to grace runways, red carpets, and everyday lives

This book isn’t just about fashion — it’s a tribute to the saree’s enduring charm and its role in our lives, blending tradition with contemporary trends and an attempt at moulding the average saree-lover into an active saree-wearer!