Sumptuous, Delightful Savouries & Wholesome One-Pot Inspirations


Replace those salads and protein shakes with delicious hearty meals!

A relaxing night at home or a Sunday family lunch, these healthy recipes give just the right balance of taste and health for everyone to enjoy!

Presenting the Sumptuous, Delightful Savouries & Wholesome One-Pot Inspirations from India’s first Healthy Baking Book Series.

Find a range of savoury and one-pot meals that are healthy and give add just the right amount of umami to your dish. What’s more, all the featured recipes are made without any refined flour, refined sugar, and adulterated fats.

Get exclusive savoury and one-pot recipes that are healthy and will definitely tantalise your taste buds. These recipes are curated by home bakers for home bakers. The book includes:

  •  Close to 100 recipes from home bakers across the globe
  • Some sneak peeks behind the recipe inspirations
  • Knowledge nuggets that will definitely inspire you to bake more.
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