The Art of Opening Speeches


It takes just 7 seconds to hook your audience!

These opening few seconds can either make them sit at the edge of their seats or take out their phones, make mental to-do lists or simply filter out everything you say. So, why not keep them rooted from the get-go?

This book will tell you how to do just that with 50 powerful techniques and real-life famous speeches from around the world.

After 35 years of extensive research, observations and interactions Dr Puja Vijay Sukhija puts to paper 50 powerful techniques that will not just hook in your audience, but win them over and have them asking for more!

With this book: 

  • Shock, surprise, impress and energize your audience in just a few seconds!
  • Keep the momentum going all through your speech and close with a bang!
  • Understand the pulse of your audience and keep them engaged on the go
  • Learn how famous speakers hook their audience

Author’s Bio
Communication and Confidence Consultant, Dr Puja Vijay Sukhija has trained 50,000+ learners from different walks of life. With two Masters and two PhDs under her belt, she has delivered several corporate and academic programs. She is also an academic advisor and education consultant to some of the leading B-Schools across India. She has spearheaded various key awareness and social outreach programs in collaboration with several NGOs and Maharasthra State Government.

Dr Puja’s passion lies in empowering people to be more confident and dynamic. She strongly believes that every human is complete in himself and it is possible for every person to unleash their inner potential to achieve personal passions and goals.

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Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-81-952236-33


  1. Dr Sushamoy chatterji

    The book has been written very well and would be found beneficial by readers. PRINTING COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER,FONTS R TOO SMALL

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