When I Woke Up


“This is the story of my mother, who devoted her entire life to helping people. She never expected anything in return, selfless and giving she was. A very strong headed woman who lived life on her own terms in times when women were not even allowed to have a stand of their own or have any identity. She fought the world and carved a niche for herself.”

This is the journey of Rushmee when her mother slipped into a coma. It turned her life upside down. She lived through each day with trauma, grief and a sinking feeling of abandonment as she slowly saw her mother withering away. She stood strong in the face of all adversities with the strength she never knew she possessed. The strength she inherited from her mother. This is also her story as she navigates her healing through her mother’s journey.

This book gives hope to anyone who reads it and believes. Even if you know everything is lost, one shouldn’t give up, because hope is all we have.

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Size: A5

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9788195223664

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